My name is Michael Sutch.

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Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in the small town of Alpha, NJ. I learned to play the guitar and piano when I was just a kid. I spent most of my free time learning music or writing short stories and weird fake news reports. A lot of the other kids enjoyed them so I kept writing them. During High school, I ran around a lot in combat boots and flannel shirts growing my hair and nurturing my angst. My angst lasted far longer than my hair.

After High school, I worked odd, low paying jobs and played in random bands until I realized how much I liked to eat and despised living in a one room shack. I enlisted in the Navy at 21 years old and served on board the USS George Washington CVN 73 as an Interior Communications Electrician. We had various adventures on the ship that may be written down someday and then again may not. I ended up in New York harbor on 9-11-2001 and watched the towers fall. A few months later we were deployed to Afghanistan to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom.

When we returned, I spent the remainder of my Navy days in port in Norfolk, VA and finally the shipyard in Portsmouth, VA.


After the Navy, I worked a variety of jobs in the skilled labor field. I worked on everything from giant forklifts and construction equipment to small generators. At one point I even installed satellite dishes. After getting married, divorced and having two amazing little kids who are exactly like me,(Thanks Mom..)

I got into database maintenance and support. For 4 years I troubleshot and programmed the touchscreen computers that restaurants use to place orders and ring up sales. A little luck and some friends I made along the way, helped me transition from fast food databases to Healthcare software. I currently work for a great company as an Account Manager.

In the last couple years, I have met and created a home with a pretty amazing woman and her pretty amazing son. We have built a nice, happy, blended family and are currently living happily ever after.

After working in healthcare for a few years, I wanted something to add something. I wanted to do something creative that would hopefully offer me the ability to become self-employed down the road and focus on my passion.

A few years ago when I first became a civilian again, I was taking an English Literature class at the local Community College in New Jersey. The Professor pulled me aside after reading my first paper of the semester. She simply said ” You need to write.” She told me that I had a real talent and that it was something I should pursue. Here I am a few years later, finally taking the chance. I’m not sure why I haven’t given writing a chance until now, but I think it’s time I gave it my best shot.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope something here was able to speak to you as so many authors have spoken to me.