The world around us is in a strange state of affairs. The news and social media tells us that racism is on the rise and hatred has a new soapbox in NY and DC with its nasty tentacles spreading to the far reaches of the country. As a personal rule, I refuse to wax political. I will not discuss how orange seems to be the new red or how reality has seemingly started to mimic an episode of “Black Mirror”. ┬áThat is not the…Continue Reading “The Jewish Deli Paradigm”

  We go through our days most often like automated flesh covered machines. Wake, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Toss in the occasional weekend and the very occasional vacation and there you have it, your very own middle class grind. The ol’ rat race as some prefer to call it. At times it seems the cycle is never ending and that it will drone on until the end of time. Not this weekend! This weekend is something different. Any hopes of grocery shopping, errands, eating…Continue Reading “The common cold, a cure for the burden of daily existence”