Daniel’s head hurt so badly. He tried to make sense of the pain. He touched his temples with his first and second fingers. Throbbing. Throbbing. Throbbing like a partially deflated balloon being squeezed just to the point of bursting, over and over and over again. His bed was so cold. Had he peed himself in the night again as he slept? He wondered. He curled up into a tight ball trying desperately to capture the warmth of his blankets. Blankets. He felt around himself, eyes…Continue Reading “Daniel’s Place”

A Flight Forgotten


Silently she stood, washing the blood out of her silk shirt dismayed at herself and furious for what she had let happen. He was just a boy. He was just a boy!

Tears fell from her chin into the stained old ceramic farm sink she’d loved so much.  Her world was shattered. She was overcome with grief, but unable to identify it as such. To her it was just the answer. The answer to this question she had lived eternally.

She did not even try to work it out in her mind. She did not even try to consider it.

The final chapter had been written and it was penned in utter darkness.

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